AESTH is a streetwear brand that is heavily inspired by 90’s streetwear and skateboarding culture. Primarily getting inspiration from brands like Stüssy, the logo is inspired by graffiti and tagging and utilizes graffiti elements where applicable. Texture is very important to give the brand the grit to further push the graffiti and edgy vibe. Illustrations replace photography for models and also use the rough sketchy look to add more texture. The brand is primarily black or white with color being used to add nice contrast and eye candy. This made sense as some clothing brands design using colors that work in that specific context as opposed to restricting themselves to a specific color palette. The tagline is “Find your beauty” since AESTH is short for aesthete, which is a person who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art and beauty. I liked the simplicity of the tagline and the versatility that it offers because I could shift it to apply to the context that it’s in (ex. Spray paint product says “Make your own beauty.”) As for the clothing collection theme, I decided to go with “new beginnings” and “rebirth” as we’re all about to start a new chapter in our lives. I used art from across multiple cultures from The Met’s Open Access that had symbolism pertaining to the theme since it’s free. Then I processed them with Photoshop to add more texture and added color that I thought worked with whatever the subject of each graphic was.
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